URSA Soft Circles

Brand New ‘Soft Circles’ are super-soft, reusable, skin tone matching radio mic covers. Designed to handle light wind and reduce clothing rustle.

These 25mm super-soft, super-stretchy, reusable discs are a perfect addition to any tool kit. With colors matching skin tones, they can be used under semi-transparent garments.

Compatible with Sticky Discs available elsewhere.

Multi-Packs come with 15 Soft Circles (5x Brown, 5x Beige, 5x Black) and 16 23mm Sticky Disc.

Packs of 30 soft circles in a single color are also available.

Multi-Packs: URS SC15  (11.99 USD)
30 Pack Beige: URS SC30BE  (13.99 USD)
30 Pack Black: URS SC30BL  (13.99 USD)
30 Pack White: URS SC30WH  (13.99 USD)

URSA Chest Strap

URSA Chest Straps allow you to rig microphones onto sweaty or hairy chests which would otherwise not take sticky tape. The unique polyurethane gripper is bonded on to keep the straps from slipping. The straps also utilize a Cable Keeper which keeps your cable firmly in place without needing to tape it.

Available in three colors.

Beige: URS CHBE  (34.99 USD)
Black: URS CHBL  (34.99 USD)
Brown: URS CHBR  (34.99 USD)

URSA Soft Strips

Pliable moleskin applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. Perfect for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.

Available in packs of 30 small strips measuring 8×2.5cm or packs of 8 large strips measuring 16x7cm. Both sizes are available in black, white, beige or brown.

30 Small Strips (8×2.5cm)
Beige:   URS TAPE SBE  (14.99 USD)
Black:   URS TAPE SBL  (14.99 USD)
Brown: URS TAPE SBR  (14.99 USD)
White: URS TAPE SWH  (14.99 USD)

8 Large Strips (16x7cm)
Beige:   URS TAPE LBE  (14.99 USD)
Black:   URS TAPE LBL  (14.99 USD)
Brown: URS TAPE LBR  (14.99 USD)
White: URS TAPE LWH  (14.99 USD)

URSA Soft Strip Rolls

Soft Strips of stretchy moleskin applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.

1 roll (100 x 15cm) available in Black, White, and Beige.

Black: URS TAPEROLLBL  (28.99 USD)
White: URS TAPEROLLWH  (28.99 USD)
Beige: URS TAPEROLLBE  (28.99 USD)


URSA Thigh Straps

URSA Straps are just 1mm thick. They provide excellent stretch, comfort & breathability with an outer surface that hook Velcro can grip to at any point.

Available in three colors.

Black: URS THBL  (36.99 USD)
Espresso: URS THES  (36.99 USD)
Nude: URS THNU  (36.99 USD)

Thigh Side Strap Beige:  URS THSBE  (36.99 USD)
Thigh Side Strap Black:  URS THSBL  (36.99 USD)

URSA Pouches

URSA Pouches allow you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to a belt or bra. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes.

Available in four sizes : Mini, Small, Medium, Large
Available in two colors : Black & Beige

Mini Pouch Black: URS POUCHMIBL  (19.99 USD)
Mini Pouch Beige: URS POUCHMIBE  (19.99 USD)
Small Pouch Black: URS POUCHSMBL  (19.99 USD)
Small Pouch Beige: URS POUCHSMBE  (19.99 USD)
Medium Pouch Black:  URS POUCHMEBL  (19.99 USD)
Medium Pouch Beige:  URS POUCHMEBE  (19.99 USD)
Large Pouch Black:  URS POUCHLABL  (19.99 USD)
Large Pouch Beige:  URS POUCHLABE  (19.99 USD)


URSA Pouch Protectors

Lock your transmitters in place with low-profile Pouch Protectors.

Sold Separately in packs of 4.

Beige:  URS PPROBE  (14.99 USD)
Black:  URS PPROBL  (14.99 USD)

URSA Waist Straps

URSA low-profile waist strap with cable pocket. Available in three waist sizes with two pouch size configurations.
Small Waist Strap: 61-84cm (24-32″)
Medium Waist Strap: 74-107cm (29-42″)
Large Waist Strap: 95-128cm (37-50″)

Small Pouch Compatibility:

  • Lectrosonics SMDB, SMB, LT & SSM
  • Wisycom MPT40 / 41
  • Zaxcom TRX LA2 & LT2, ZFR 200 & 300
  • Sennheiser SK 5212, SK 9000
  • Shure UR1M Micron TX700B


Big Pouch Compatibility:

  • Audio Ltd 2040, Mini TX, 1010, EN2
  • Lectrosonics LMb, WM, UM400a, SMDB, SMB, LT
  • Wisycom MPT40 / 41
  • Zaxcom TRX & ZFR full range
  • Sennheiser EW G2 & G3, SK2000, SK5212, SK9000
  • Shure AXT 100, UR1M
  • Micron Explorers
  • Audio Wireless

$38.99 USD
SMALL Waist w/Small Pouch – Black:   URS SMLSPBLK
SMALL Waist w/Small Pouch – Beige:   URS SMLSPBE
SMALL Waist w/Small Pouch – Brown: URS SMLSPBRN
SMALL Waist w/Big Pouch – Black:       URS SMLBPBLK
SMALL Waist w/Big Pouch – Beige:       URS SMLBPBE
SMALL Waist w/Big Pouch – Brown:     URS SMLBPBRN

$38.99 USD
MED Waist w/Small Pouch – Black:     URS MEDSPBLK
MED Waist w/Small Pouch – Beige:     URS MEDSPBE
MED Waist w/Small Pouch – Brown:   URS MEDSPBRN
MED Waist w/Big Pouch – Black:         URS MEDBPBLK
MED Waist w/Big Pouch – Beige:         URS MEDBPBE
MED Waist w/Big Pouch – Brown:       URS MEDBPBRN

$40.99 USD
LARGE Waist w/Small Pouch – Black:     URS LRGSPBLK
LARGE Waist w/Small Pouch – Beige:     URS LRGSPBE
LARGE Waist w/Small Pouch – Brown:   URS LRGSPBRN
LARGE Waist w/Big Pouch – Black:         URS LRGBPBLK
LARGE Waist w/Big Pouch – Beige:         URS LRGBPBE
LARGE Waist w/Big Pouch – Brown:       URS LRGBPBRN

URSA Medium Waist Strap Double Pouch

The URSA Medium Waist strap is also available in a dual pouch configuration.

Available in two colors: Black & Beige

MED Waist Double Pouch – Black:    URS MEDDPBLK     ($42.99 USD)
MED Waist Double Pouch – Beige:    URS MEDDPBE        ($42.99 USD)


URSA Ankle Strap

URSA low profile ankle strap with Big Pouch (100mm).

Available in two colors: Black & Beige

Ankle Strap – Black:    URS ANBL     ($38.99 USD)
Ankle Strap – Beige:    URS ANBE     ($38.99 USD)