Remote Audio products are the result of years of experience in the trenches. For well over two decades, we have developed and manufactured products tailored to location sound professionals. Each product is designed to meet a specific need in the field and built to withstand the rigors of location sound production, incorporating the highest quality materials. From power distribution systems to specialized interconnects and accessories, Remote Audio fully addresses the needs of the sound pro.

Built from Sound Ideas.

  • Years In The Trenches:

Remote Audio was founded by location sound mixer Glen Trew in 1995 after he spent years in the trenches working on major motion pictures, TV shows and documentaries. Glen wanted to address the very specialized needs of the location sound mixer/recordist with problem solving products and tools to help mixers do their jobs under often difficult conditions.

Remote Audio is all about helping the location sound mixer. Often new product ideas and refinements come as a result of feedback from our customers.



  • Specialized Product Design:

Remote Audio makes over 200 cables, interconnects and adaptors, each designed specifically to interface with location gear built by companies such as Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Ambient, and many others. We also make wireless antennas as well as cables for aviation audio.

In addition, we build proprietary gear in support of these such as battery distribution systems (BDS) and battery power backup (such as Meon LiFe and Meon Extra LiFe).

Remote Audio also makes audio playback products such as High Noise Headphones and the Speakeasy series.

Our custom made-to-order cables are also a hallmark of Remote Audio’s dedicated customer service.

  • Highest Quality materials and QA:

All Remote Audio products are made in the US at our facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our cables are built using high quality Mogami and connectors from such respected names as Neutrik, Switchcraft and Lemo.

Metal fabrication for our gear products are sourced from the highest quality producers and built to withstand the rigors of location field recording in extreme hot and cold environments as well as humid and wet conditions.



  • Built from Sound Ideas – with Pride:

We care about the products that bear our name, and our team — from shop techs to design engineers, to support staff — all are dedicated to our mission of building the finest products available in our specialized area.