The Original Miniature Windscreen.

Available in Black, Grey, Tan or White.


Quick Look:

microcatThe Micro Cat Miniature Windscreen allows the use of lavaliere microphones in windy conditions that would otherwise cause serious audio problems. They really work.

Hand-made from a fuzzy outer layer plus two additional inner layers of open weave fabric, the Micro Cat very effectively stops wind from reaching the microphone to substantially reduce wind noise while remaining sonically transparent. The elastic opening easily fits over most lav microphones with diameters of up to 12mm.

Narrow microphones like the Sanken COS-11 fit securely in the Micro Cat with their mesh windscreen installed. Even the tiny Countryman B-6 works well in the Micro Cat when combined with the microphone’s foam ball.

Because of the increased potential for clothing noise when concealed, the Micro Cat is best used outside clothing, fully exposed. The Micro Cat’s neutral gray or black colors can often go completely unnoticed in long, wide shots.

The supplied miniature standard screwdriver is a convenient way of storing the Micro Cat, aiding in finding the opening and keeping them from blowing away during those windy shoots.


Words from the Field

“While working on 2nd unit on one of the Saturday night action shows, I was asked to grab some dialogue from an actor while he was heading away on a Harley Davidson. I tried out the new Micro Cat in black, which matched the actors’ black leather. He sped away on his hog, and I heard every word without wind noise.”

Phillip Palmer, Palmer Audio

“The Micro Cat works great on our show, Fishing University. Most of our production is in a boat on the open waters where there is nothing to stop the wind, so wind is almost always a problem with our Lavaliere microphones, even with foam windscreens. With the Tram microphone, the Micro Cat has absolutely improved the quality of our sound. In most cases it totally eliminates the problems that wind causes with lavaliere mics.”

Bill Balsley, Producer/Director, Fishing University

Remote Audio is Haly-Tek’s North American Distributor.