Drive Mounter System

The Remote Audio Drive Mounter System adapts 2.5″ notebook hard drives for use in the Zaxcom Deva 4, 5, 5.8 and 16 non-linear recorders.The Drive Mounter system consists of three separate parts:

  • a Recorder Adapter (DRVBKT)
  • a Hard Drive Board (DRVBKTBRD) for mounting a standard 2.5″ hard drive
  • and a replacement door (DRVBKTDOOR) for the Deva drive opening

The Recorder Adapter bracket slides into position and snaps in place where the factory hard drive of the Deva normally resides. If necessary, the Recorder Adapter is easily disengaged by pressing its integral locking lever and sliding the bracket outward. A 2.5″ hard drive mates with the connector panel of the Hard Drive Board and is secured to the board via four Nylon, 3mm, Phillips head screws. The Hard Drive Board then glides into the recorder suspended on the shock-isolating sprung rails of the Recorder Adapter bracket and smoothly clicks into place. The integral power and activity LED indicators verify proper operation of the drive. These LEDs show through the lite pipes of the replacement door if installed. The board’s integral ejector levers facilitate easy removal of the Hard Drive Board from the recorder while leaving the Adapter bracket in place.

Ideally, each hard drive should be mounted to its own Hard Drive Board to expedite swapping hard drives in the recorder. However, since a drive is easily mounted and removed from a board, it would be feasible to quickly change out drives on one board between takes.


  • efficiently employs 2.5″ notebook hard drives for non-linear recorder use
  • accommodates hard drive changes quickly and easily
  • uses board mounted LED indicators to verify drive power and activity
  • removable door allows quick visual confirmation of internal drive in use
  • color-coded plastic ejectors help delineate among drives

System Specifics:

drvbktDRVBKT Recorder Adapter

0.10 anodized aluminum tray with stainless steel latch and nonconductive sprung rails.


drvbktbrdDRVBKTBRD Hard Drive Board
Rigid plastic board with integral female connector port which mates with a 2.5″ hard drive. Includes 4 Nylon, 3MM, Phillips head screws for mounting drive to board. Plastic ejectors available in blue, red and white.


Aluminum spring loaded screw on/off door with integral Lite-pipes for viewing activity LEDs of the Hard Drive Board. For use with Deva 5, 5.8 & 16