Sound mixers often find themselves in very high noise environments such as helicopters, raceways, firing ranges, rock concerts, etc., left with ringing ears and wondering what was actually being recorded.

Providing extreme isolation from outside noise and using Sony MDR-7506 drivers with special baffling, the Remote Audio HN-7506 allows accurate, full-range monitoring in loud environments and adds a high degree of protection from hearing damage while giving the user the familiar sound of the industry standard Sony headphones.

Words From The Field

“I am very impressed with the High Noise 7506’s… I did a Nascar race this past Saturday for a CBS early show segment and those babies were exceptional. I had between 45 and 55 DB of attenuation cranked into my MKH60 shotgun during the race to allow for a workable level with range, so you can imagine the noise level (at times 3 feet from the track). We also did several interviews during the race using lavs and the shotgun and I was able to hear and mix these without the outside noise level giving me fits. Frankly, they worked better then I expected, and were the envy of my cameraman and producer as the evening and the noise wore on and on. Thanks again for a great product for such a high noise environment.”

Mike Curtiss, Curtiss Sound, Everett, WA

ENG sound veteran Jay Patterson, of ABC News in Washington, is appreciating his Remote Audio HN-7506 Headphones at Washington National. According to Jay, “they’re indispensable around the jet noise of Air Force One and Marine One but I have been using the HN-7506 exclusively, even in quiet environments. By eliminating the outside noise I find myself monitoring at lower levels and being able to quickly identify problem noises.”

Jay Patterson, ABC News, Washington, DC

“I was working all day on this process trailer next to a generator, and the wind blowing on me as we went down the road. The ‘Isolation’ headsets saved the day. I couldn’t even hear the director who was sitting next to me. I sometimes use them in situations when I want to hear the “confidence” – off the heads, and don’t want to hear the leakage of the ‘live’ sound through the Sony 7506s.”

Jim Gallup, Albuquerque, NM


Broadcast quality miniature dynamic boom microphone installed on HN7506. Terminates with TA5F connector.

SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 2-4 days build time.


Broadcast quality miniature electret boom microphone installed on HN7506. Terminates with TA5F connector.

SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 2-4 days build time.

HN-7506 – High Noise Headset

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These surprisingly comfortable phones have been a big hit for professionals who want to protect their ears while monitoring the quality of their recordings. Sealing off outside ambience by as much as 45dB, the HN-7506 is designed to sound like the industry standard Sony MDR-7506, and allows the switch from one to another without loss of monitoring standard and reliability.