Brand New Waterproof Hood

Included with every new Rainman and also available separately, the new water-proof hood is extremely durable.

Improved Weather Seal

The re-designed outer seal provides more peace of mind with super strong and durable Velcro”„¢


Minimized cell size leads to improved breathability, moisture-wicking power and water shedding.

rainmanProtects the sound:
The RAINMAN softens the impact of rain drops falling onto the boom microphone.
Protects the microphone:
The RAINMAN channels rain away from the microphone, along the outside of the “zeppelin” style windscreen.
How does it sound?
Like it’s not even there. The RAINMAN is more acoustically transparent than traditional “furry” windshield covers

The RAINMAN is made of a soft, lightweight batting that does not absorb water or mat up when wet. Instead, the rain drops simply slow down as they flow through and are channeled out the front. The exterior is net material with sturdy stitching and a Velcro closure. The RAINMAN easily slides onto most windscreens, and is secured with Velcro.

The RAINMAN goes on and off quickly and easily. To install the RAINMAN, simply slide it on with the open end at the front of the microphone then close the Velcro slot.

In heavier rain, the RAINMAN may eventually take on water faster than it can channel it through. In this case, it may be a good idea to occasionally remove the RAINMAN and shake or wring the water out. With a little experience you will get a feel for when and how often this should be done. The RAINMAN”€™s effectiveness has been proven in actual production environments.

It is recommended that the RAINMAN be used without a furry wind cover. However, for added wind protection, a stretchy “€œsock”€ type cover may be used under the RAINMAN.


Current size fits:rainman_fold_wrung
Rycote Windshield Kit 4 ( MKH416, MKH 60, CMIT 5U, KMR 81, CS-3e)
The RAINMAN will fit other popular brands of similar sizing.