Part#: SPKEZR1

Speakeasy R1 User Guide (302K PDF)


  • Self-contained, stereo, 12VDC-powered speaker system
  • Single rack space
  • Dual XLR and stereo 1/4″€ input
  • Front headphone jack
  • Master volume control
  • Input monitoring selector

The SpeakEasy™  R1 is a self-contained, stereo, 12VDC powered speaker system built into a single rack space. Its low current draw (55mA at idle) and compact light-weight enclosure make the SpeakEasy  R1 ideal for remote audio production, yet the R1 has the volume needed for use in facility equipment rooms.


The R1’s line level inputs are for standard line-level signal ratings of -10dbV to +4dBu, or the signal from a stereo headphone jack. Two XLR inputs allow for a stereo input signal. In addition, an XLR / “¼” combo jack allows for a stereo input signal on the 1/4″ connector, allowing a single cable to feed the SpeakEasy R1. This provides a convenient way to insert the SpeakEasy™  R1 into an existing cart setup with a headphone feed from a mixer using a ¼” TRS to TRS cable. Two DC input connectors are provided for convenience: a 4-pin XLR (Pin 4: V+, Pin 1: Gnd) and a 2.1mm coaxial-type DC jack (center pin positive). The SpeakEasy R1 will operate on 9 – 20VDC. An external 12VDC “wall-wart” power supply (Remote Audio PS12V1.5) is available.

The main power push-button is located on the front of the  SpeakEasy  R1, and will illuminate when pressed and sufficient power is present at either of the DC input jacks. The main volume control and source selector knob apply to the main speakers, as well as the headphone connector. When headphones are inserted into the front ¼” jack, the main speakers are muted. The source selector allows monitoring of: Left input only; Right input only; Stereo; or a summed Mono version of the Left and Right inputs.



Dimensions 19 x 1.75 x 4.25 inches (1 Rack Unit)
Weight 2.6 lbs
Idle Power Drain 55mA @ 12VDC
Power Output 7.5w per channel @ 8 Ohm nominal speaker impedance
Maximum SPL 92dB (1kHz @ 1m)