Item #: JBIG15

The Remote Audio Juicer provides a regulated output of 15VDC when its input voltage is between 9VDC and 18VDC. Also, the Juicer isolates the input from the output, making it safe for Nagra analog recorders to share a common power source with other devices. Using the Juicer between your battery and certain equipment will allow you to operate longer before having to change or recharge your external battery.

The Juicer is intended for use with external battery supplies such as common lead-acid types that still have useful current available even after the battery has discharged below 12 volts.

It is common for modern electronic equipment rated at a nominal voltage of 12VDC to be able to accept a voltage range as low as 10V. (The minimum operating voltage can usually be found printed on the equipment or in the manual.)

However, some equipment will cease to operate at voltages lower than your battery is putting out. For instance, the Fostex PD-4 will not operate reliably when the external voltage drops below 11VDC, even though your battery supply may still have plenty of useful current remaining and your other equipment continues to operate. Another example are the Cooper 106 and 108 mixers that need at least 15 volts for full spec. The 15 Volt juicer will always output 15 volts even when the supply voltage is as low as 10 volts.