LiFe Box
Battery Case

The LiFe Box is a fully enclosed battery system, consisting of a Lithum Iron Phosphate battery pack, comprehensive metering, and an optional built-in battery charger, all built into a rugged and compact Pelican 1150 case.

The LiFe Box is available in three configurations: The LiFe Box 30 (30Amp-hour capacity), the LiFe Box 20, (20 Amp-hour capacity), and the LiFe Box 20C, which has a 20Amp-hour capacity and a built-in charger.

The 20 and 30 have a 4-pin XLR outlet and a high-current SpeakOn outlet. The 20C has a 4-pin outlet and an AC mains connector for charging.

Which to buy? Well, if your priority is high-capacity, get the LiFe Box 30. If your priority is light-weight, get the LiFe Box 20. If you need the convenience of the internal charger, then the LiFe Box 20C is your best choice.

LIFEBOX20: LiFe Box battery with 20 amp-hour capacity
LIFEBOX20C: LiFe Box battery with 20 amp-hour capacity and integrated charger
LIFEBOX30: LiFe Box battery with 30 amp-hour capacity

Because the LiFe Box uses Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, the first thing you”€™ll notice when you pick one up is how light-weight it is, especially compared to the old lead-acid Pelican batteries. These are very light.

Another very important feature of the all of the LiFe Box batteries is the built-in meter. This meter shows the battery”€™s voltage, of course, but it show”€™s much more… It shows current consumption in Amps, power used in Watts, and the remaining charge capacity in Watt/hours.

The LiFe Box is a great power solution just by itself, but is also a great companion for the Meon LiFe rackmounted power system, doubling its capacity.

Additional Accessories Include:


LiFe Box charger with Speakon – 4ft cable