ID female: XLRLPF
ID male:   XLRLPM

Male and Female Low profile XLR connector. Featuring four of the most commonly used adjustable positions. A specially designed locking C-clip secures the connector while allowing easy access for position changes in the field. And unlike most XLRs, it’€™s easily serviced.

The unique curved finger groove makes our connector easy to disconnect from your device.

There are an assortment of color decals to choose from. These can be changed in the field making cable identification a snap.

Available individually or in a 10 pack of one of each color.

XLRLPDPACK – Low Profile XLR Decal 10 Pack

10 decal colors to choose:

XLRLPD :€“ 01 Red
XLRLPD :€“ 02 Blue
XLRLPD :€“ 03 Orange
XLRLPD :€“ 04 Yellow
XLRLPD : 05 Green
XLRLPD : 06 Brown
XLRLPD :€“ 07 Violet
XLRLPD :€“ 08 Grey
XLRLPD :€“ 09 White
XLRLPD :€“ 10 Black